Coming Soon to ChurchHub

Based on feedback from many of our users, we’ve been improving functionality and are launching several enhancements to ChurchHub.

Below are some highlights:

Coming Soon

  • A new homepage for! This new page provides quicker access to existing training materials, FAQs, and the support team. Launching in early May. We encourage everyone to update their ChurchHub bookmark/favourite once it is live!
  • Improvements for Ministers and Communities of Faith seeking reappointment or a change in relationship.
  • Unique logins for Search Committees, separate from Community of Faith (COF) Admin roles.
  • Various improvements to the “update my contact information” page, including the ability to specify a preferred language of communication, and the ability to update your website address for Communities of Faith.

Already Launched

  • ADP # is now visible to all enrolled COFs on their “My Community of Faith” page.
  • Various improvements to profiles, search for Ministers and Communities of Faith.
  • Automated reminders every six months to Ministry Personnel available for Call or Appointment, as well as COFs with roles on Available Positions list that their posts are still active.
  • Ability for COF Admins to specify and update various local roles including ADP Contact, Regional Representative, Treasurer, Music Director/organist, and more.
  • Annual Statistics forms and Annual Assessment data, including historical records.
  • Unique logins for Treasurers.

Additional enhancements and functionality will continue to be added throughout 2021. Watch for more announcements in the coming months!

With thanks,

– The ChurchHub Team