Update Regarding Reappointment Process

There has been an update to ChurchHub that reduces the complexity of the reappointment process for Ministers.

This update applies to any ministers who are being reappointed to their current position OR if there is a change in the terms of the existing call/appointment (for example a change in end date or change in hours).

In the past such situations required that the minister complete their profile and make a request to be made available (including adding the minister’s name to the list of Available Ministers even though they are not available to Communities of Faith who are seeking a new minister).

The minister seeking reappointment or accepting a change to their existing terms of call/appointment will only need to select the new “This is a reappointment/update to terms for my current position” checkbox on their Minister Profile page:

When this button is selected, the Minister will see this pop-up warning message:

Once they select the I Understand button, then they must still (as always) select the blue Update button to complete their minister profile and send their request to be approved. The request for approval will go to their Office of Vocation minister. Once approved their name will be available to their Community of Faith so that they can complete the Record of Call/Appointment form.

Note that Ministers who are not currently in an appointment (and thus are truly seeking a new appointment or call) will see that this reappointment option is greyed out: